As the world continues to embrace modernity, the demand for smaller, more affordable homes continues to grow. After the pandemic, there has been a great shift in terms of employment, salaries, savings, and investments. In 2022, with the world shifting back to normalcy, it is set to become the year of the 2 BHK apartment.

These homes offer the perfect combination of space and affordability. This is evidenced by high demand from first-time homebuyers and families alike.

Advantages of 2 BHK houses

  • For starters, they're more affordable than larger homes. This is especially true in big cities where real estate is expensive. For example, in Tier-1 cities in India, a 3 BHK flat can cost you an average of ₹50 lakhs to 1.2 crores.
  • 2 BHK homes come with better ease of maintenance than larger houses. This is because there's less carpet area to cover, allowing for more efficient cleaning.
  • Additionally, 2 BHK homes are more energy-efficient than larger houses. This is because they have a lower power requirement, so they require less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Finally, 2 BHK homes are more convenient for the average working-class individual.

The 2 BHK Demand Surge Factors

- The population boom creates a growing demand for affordable housing (i.e. 2 BHK apartments).

- The economy is becoming more conducive to real estate investment, after the pandemic slump.

- Interest rates are expected to remain low, making it easier for people to secure mortgages on home loans.

- The growing trend of preference towards smaller, more efficient homes also places 2 BHK apartments in a prime position of viability.

The general real estate market is set to opt for the best 2 BHK homes in 2022. The most common factors people look for in their ideal dream house are the structure, the facilities, the amenities, the locality, the price, and the investment angle for the future. Informed decisions are vital when scouting 2 BHK apartments to invest in.