A Detailed Analysis - Purchase luxury or regular apartment?

Experts agree that money is not the only deciding factor that people use while choosing between luxury and regular apartments. Let us dig deep and explore the factors which people take into consideration while buying an apartment.

Buy a Luxury or Regular Apartment

Recently there has been resurgence in real estate sector and there has been significant growth in this segment over the last year. At one end of the spectrum there are luxury apartments and on the other there are regular apartments.

Luxury flats raise the bar in terms of quality, amenities, and comfort while regular apartments have their own benefits in the form of cost savings.

However, there are many other factors that people look into while deciding about which type of apartment to purchase.

Factor #1: Investment Value

If the luxury apartment is in an upscale neighborhood then it will become a performing asset. The reason is that a luxury apartment rake in 40% higher rental value compared to regular investment, making them an ideal option for real estate investors.

Factor #2: Neighborhood and Location

You will find luxury apartments mostly in up-scale locations within a city and real estate developers focus on developing projects in niche neighborhoods.

Factor #3: Space Availability

If space is a concern for you then luxury apartments will be the right option to select. These are generally 3 and 4 bhk apartments, offering ample space for you and your family.