An Exhaustive Checklist for Your First Apartment Hunt?

Checklist for First Time Home Buyers


First of all you should check whether materials used in construction of the house are of high quality. Few of the other things to check are insulation, availability of power points, and similar other vital details.


The apartment you are going to purchase should provide modern day amenities that you expect to have in a project. Some of the common amenities to look for are fire extinguisher, swimming pool, gym, etc.

Car Parking

The apartment you select should have accompanying car parking facility so that you do not have to worry about where to park your car.

Noise Level

If the apartment is located in a crowded and busy location then noise level will be very high. A family with elderly people or small kids will face a lot of problems in such apartment.


Security is of utmost importance for homebuyers, as such, check if the apartment offers 24/7 security, has CCTV cameras and provides other security features.