7 Ways to Turn Your Home into an Energy Efficient Home


Energy conservation is not only better for the environment but can result in significant monetary savings in the long run. Delve into this article to know how to make turn your home into an energy-efficient one.

Maximize natural light

Design the home such that there is plenty of natural light and ventilation. This reduces the use of artificial light sources and air conditioners in the daytime.

Solar power your home

Install solar panels to power your house. The long-term gains of not having to pay for electricity will offset the initial cost.

Reuse water

Install a rainwater harvesting system and use the water for the home. The wastewater generated by RO systems can be channelized and used for cleaning purposes.

Use LED lights

CFLs and LEDs are great options to save power. They last longer and consume much less electricity compared to incandescent bulbs. LEDs have no moving parts and are preferred over CFL as they don’t contain any mercury.

Unplug devices

Unplug electrical devices from sockets when they are not in use. Plugged-in devices can leak energy which over a period of time leads to significant wastage.

Choose the right paint for exterior

Light colors for the exterior of your building will help maintain interior temperatures by reflecting light. This in turn will help lower the usage of air conditioners and fans.

Maintain appliances

Replace old appliances with energy star-rated appliances. Maintain air-conditioners, washing machines, and fridges by cleaning filters, and replacing coils to ensure they work at optimal power.


Irrespective of huge changes, just being mindful and switching off lights, fans, and air conditioners when leaving a room can also lead to huge power savings. Choose to conserve energy and protect the resources of our planet for the younger generations.