7 Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

Studies depict that the prevalence of home injuries amongst children is as high as 39.7% in India. The most common type of injury is occurred due to falls, followed by sharp objects and unsafe electrical points.

Such accidents can be prevented by taking a few measures to make your home safe for your children.

1. Choose Better Flooring Options

An ideal type of flooring can prevent children from allergies and accidental slips. Hardwood flooring options are ideal for children with allergies. One can also place rugs and carpets to add a protective layer to the floor.

2. Cut Sharp Corners

Protect your children from accidentally falling against the sharp edge of a wall or furniture by rounding the edges. The same can be applied to countertops, dressers, coffee tables, etc. One can also invest in cushioned protector guards to safeguard the home temporarily.

3. Childproof Electrical Outlets

The most suitable way to prevent any electric shocks is by keeping the electric outlets at a certain height that children can’t access. If that is not possible, one can use plastic guard covers or self-closing outlet covers.

4. Get Better Locking Systems

Childproof the doors to prevent toddlers and children from accidentally stepping outside without supervision. A deadbolt or a security door chair away from their reach can prevent such consequences.

5. Opt for Higher Cabinets

Higher cabinets must be constructed, especially for storing breakable items and medicines. If one has lower cabinets, safety latches can help prevent children from opening them.

6. Ensure Fire Safety

Investing in smoke alarms can go a long way in preventing any fire-related accidents or injuries. Moreover, fire extinguishers must be kept handy for emergencies.

7. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

Always keep first aid handy in case of any emergencies so that one doesn’t have to go to extra lengths to look for it at the very last moment.


While there are several ways to childproof the house, the aforementioned seven methods are the basic requirements and methods that must be fulfilled. In addition to that, parents must keep a stringent eye on their children, especially toddlers, as much as possible to prevent any accidents.