Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

At Subha Builders, we believe the essence of what makes a house a home are the finer touches and customizations. Whether it’s a fully furnished unit or just a bare-bones plot, there are always some upgrades you can fix up to give your house aesthetic as well as functional value. Ready to explore some options hand-picked by our Subha Builders team?

What’s An Upgrade?

In the context of this article, an upgrade is any remodelling/installation or refurbishing work performed to increase the property’s apparent value. There can be different contexts for the necessity of upgrading, such as:

    - Renovation prior to selling property

    - Remodelling before moving in

    - General upkeep of the premises

With that in mind, there’s an ocean of options, so much that it can be tough to decide. Fret not, Subha Builders is here to help you narrow it down!

Best Value-for-Money Upgrades

  • Electrical Outlets: With the prevalence of gadgets and work-from-home scenarios in current times, one can never have enough power outlets in a house! Having ample electrical sockets in the study, living room and kitchen areas of the house is a major value addition to the property. It allows tenants/owners to experiment with the furnishings of a room.
  • Lighting Options: Lighting forms a large part of the aesthetics of any room. Aside from the regular tubes and lightbulbs on the ceiling, you can explore more creative options? Subha Builders recommends subtle lighting along the floor, as a viable lighting option for nighttime!
  • Closets & Shelves: A common complaint most modern housing properties face is the apparent lack of carpet area. This problem can be resolved by offering more storage options that fit seamlessly into the floor plan. Walk-in closets are a viable solution to combine clothes storage as well as a dedicated dressing area.
  • Smart Systems: Granted, this isn’t the most economical upgrade out there for a home. However, the sheer value it brings to the table cannot be overlooked. Smart locks, intercom systems and intuitive lighting is a mere glimpse into the plethora of options that a smart upgrade entails. Subha Builders strongly recommends smart upgrades of some form, if your budget can accommodate it.
  • Lifestyle Options: With people spending more time in a day stuck at home, having luxe furnishings in the property seems to be the need of the hour. Even compact flats nowadays come furnished with a simple patio area in the balcony, or a reading alcove or home gym near the study rooms. Homes aren’t just about being a place to crash for the night and keep your things, after all!
Change For The Better

The real estate sector is expanding not just in quantity, but also in quality, by means of significant property amenities and value additions. We hope this guide on home upgrades from Subha Builders helps you rethink your home spaces!